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Grave Secret - Charlaine Harris Another chapter in the adventures of Harper and Tolliver. I heard that this was the last book in the series, but with the way it ended, I could see it continuing on. There's still plenty of dead-body mysteries to solve. Maybe I'm not so good at letting characters move on. :) I enjoyed this book as much as I have the first three, even though I finally figured out who killed Cameron pretty early on (okay, VERY early on) in the story. I thought that the mystery that tied both families together was a bit of a stretch, but she thought it out and it IS fiction, after all. There were some slips that stood out, like after the detective was killed and Harper went to the hospital and said that they shouldn't have been running with the death threat, that she didn't take it seriously, but he hadn't told her that when she decided to go for the run??? Did I get an advance copy...nope. Hehe. I would have to say that murder mystery-wise, the third book of the series was my favorite. It was very dark and more believable and atmospheric for me. I thought this plot was good in theory but I would have liked more explanation for how Matthew carried out his dastardly deed with Gracie, particularly since it was part of the explanation of Cameron's disappearance, which readers of this series have been trying to solve through four books. I always enjoy Harris' writing and I'm looking forward to what's next.