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The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown When I thought about the rating for this book I wasn't basing it on historical accuracy or the author's technical skills. I base these thriller/historical fiction/religious suspense books on the experience of reading them. In high school, history WAS my favorite subject. In college, my favorite class of all was my World Religions course. The history of belief systems and symbology and religion is and has always been fascinating to me. So it stands to reason that this book would interest and entertain me. I like Robert Langdon as a character. Not a typical, macho superhero type, but someone who uses his intellect and quick thinking to save the world over and over. Some people complain about the leading lady always changing, but it's fiction people, just enjoy the ride. As far as female characters go, I liked Katherine Solomon. The "twist" at the end of the story wasn't super shocking because I had already guessed that, but it was nice to know we were on the same page. Haha. Are the characters' abilities to save the world every time realistic? Nah. Are there historical facts and ideas that are manipulated to fit in with the plot of this story? Quite probably. I'm sure Brown researches a lot of stuff and tries to keep it as accurate as possible, but its gotta all fit together somehow. But is it entertaining, does it make you question your beliefs (and by questioning, I mean, just consider them and therefore experience spiritual growth)? For me, yes. I always like reading things about other people's beliefs, religious history, etc. AND...I think that this movie will be better than ANGELS & DEMONS. :) It's a fiction book people. Just read it, be transported into the story, experience it, and enjoy it for what it is. A STORY!