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Zombicorns (Zombicorns, #1) - John Green My first John Green experience and DEFINITELY not my last. Really enjoyed this novella and liked Green's style. Especially liked that it was a free download too, which was why I decided to squeeze it into my lazy Sunday. A lot of people complain about the errors and typos in this, but its a free read and my eye was able to just fix what needed fixing, spelling and grammar-wise. Plus, I've read MANY a book that I paid full price for that are FULL of errors...Stephenie Meyer, anyone? That was for YOU, Kathryn. LOL

Within a mere 72 pages, the characters were well-formed, the backstory was fully realized and there was plenty of dialogue, action and personal insight to keep me enthralled. If this book had been longer it would have probably only improved but was well told for the length it was. I enjoy zombie tales and appreciated the environmental cause, thought it was fitting to our time and maybe even a little believable. I think I'll pass on it the next time its offered to me. Haha.

Green displays a talent for creating realistic and interesting characters with moral dilemmas and presents everything in a way that is entertaining, relatable and thought-provoking. He doesn't dumb it down if the characters are younger, and doesn't display any rampant misogyny, which is often the case when the characters are young women, even with female authors...uh, hmmm...again, Kathryn. LOL :) He's kind of smart that way, and the only thing I personally found strange was the overemphasis on the wine drinking. Like if it was the end of the world and zombies were roaming around looking for you to be their next meal you would take the time to ENJOY the wine you should be chugging on the run. Maybe I'm more of a survivalist, or maybe Green is just a wine-lover and wanted to squeeze it in. At least I learned some things about wine for my next pairing, right?

If Green had worked unicorns into this, it would have been 5 star all the way. I'm girly sometimes, what can I say? As it stands, a solid 4.5 and immensely enjoyable. Going to go and find a Green novel for my summer reading pile. :)