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All Together Dead - Charlaine Harris This series is getting really interesting. Sometimes its hard for me to keep ALL of the characters, particularly the vampires and their kingdoms, straight. I feel like I should be taking notes. Maybe its just cuz I'm filling my mind up at school. But Eric once again shined in this book and as much as I hate to admit it, I felt a little sympathy for Bill at the end when Sookie found him and he was hurt. I was relieved that Pam survived the bomb attack, and happy that Andre was taken out. Go Quinn! Haha I am now kind of worried that Quinn will look for an opportunity to stake Eric, since he is unhappy that Eric and Sookie are so strongly blood-bound now. I'm interested in seeing if and how Barry and Sookie's relationship continues after all that happened in this book. The bomb plot and the summit made for the most action and suspense and mystery out of all of the Sookie books so far...definitely the most on-my-toes I've been so far. Sookie is starting to feel more and more torn about her involvement with the vampires, but because she keeps getting involved in their world and getting attacked, she's becoming more and more dependent upon their protection. I think it was interesting that Harris posed the situation, or the possibility of Sookie using her telepathic powers for society's good (i.e. rescuing people, interviewing witnesses, etc.) and that good-ol-girl Sookie refused. She always tries to play it as a good Southern woman and her selfish side definitely showed, not that I blame her. Wonder if she will put her powers to use for the good of society like that again...I can't wait to read Book 8, and then I'm going to be in horrible suspense until Book 9 is released!!!