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Living Dead in Dallas - Charlaine Harris I'm not gonna lie and say that this series is extremely well-written, or that there aren't problems that the author has with race issues and such that rub me the wrong way. But this book was just plain FUN!! I love Sookie and the situations she gets in, and what she does and says to get out of them. I laugh, laugh, snicker, smile, laugh. And anything that gives me and Kathryn HOURS of fun book discussions is worth a 5 in my book!

Also, I am liking ERIC SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more after this book than I did in the first series of the show. Bill seems to be connected to Sookie on a more sexual level, whereas Eric seems to be more nurturing. And I don't get Sam getting it on with the maened even after he knows what she did to Sookie, if he supposedly likes her so much. Have to say, Tara is much more likeable and entertaining in the show, which is probably why they changed her role so much.

The plot thickens...duh, duh, duh.