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Darkly Dreaming Dexter  - Jeff Lindsay I liked this book. I found Dexter to be darkly disturbing and believable in his descriptions of how he functions in society as a sociopathic serial killer. I chuckled several times during the story as well, but I just wasn't crazy about it. I don't know if the humor was maybe too much, like Lindsay was trying to counterbalance Dexter's killer side with his "tortured childhood victim" side or what, but it seemed a little forced. And I got tired of hearing how he didn't feel emotions and wasn't a human, and didn't have human emotions. Okay, you're a sociopath. You're a serial killer. Repetitive explanations not necessary. I think about 50 pages could have been cut by chopping those repats and the sotry would have been improved. I think that I will probably like the show better than I did this novel and I realize that many series novels have to do some setting up in the beginning, so I am eager to begin the second book. I liked Deobrah, I even liked, dare I say, Dexter. I'm just wondering if I might not like him a whole look more if he really WAS acting like a sociopath, instead of the back and forth internal dialogue about "am I a monster or not?". A true sociopath wouldn't care. The whole aspect of him learning his trade from a police officer/foster dad angle was very interesting and I like that he kills the bad guys, but that once again lends him a humanistic sense of right and wrong, which sociopaths do not possess...??? And if he DOES kill the "bad" guys, why didn't he kill his brother?? Am I reading too much into this? Too many psychology courses? It's just a story, Michelle, just enjoy it, right? Okay, 3 stars with hopes for more in the remaining 3 books. I already have the next 2.