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Ethan Frome - Edith Wharton Wow, what an effed up story. I'm glad I only had to suffer through the emotional wasteland and starcrossed-tragedy of Romeo and Juliet in school(pathetic enough for me, thanks), because that was enough torment for my adolescent heart to handle. I actually thought that this heavy story was told brilliantly, and am surprised at myself for liking it so much DESPITE the fact that every freaking character in it was a pathetic and terrible person. Each in their own specific way of course. I've read Wharton was speaking out against society's "relentless standards of loyalty", but this story felt morally heavy to me. If she was so against conforming, than why didn't she just end it with Ethan and Mattie riding off to CA and piss on Zeena?? And I think there are better ways to off yourself and your "one true love" (whom you've only been physically overcome enough to kiss, BTW) than attempting a sled/tree embrace. LOL How about if Ethan had enticed his "whinnying" horse that was super hungry into stomping them to death or better yet, they could have laid down on the incoming train tracks, possibly affecting Zeena's "new helper" or at least traumatizing her for life. Anyway, maybe my ideas are sick, but come on? Tandem sledding? I guess the reason this gets 5 stars is for the emotional reaction it stirs in me (mostly anger and self-righteousness, haha) and that its one I'll be thinking over often.