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Her Fearful Symmetry - Audrey Niffenegger I have been waiting eagerly to read this novel. A book about two sets of twins and their complicated relationships with each other was intriguing, especially when it was all wrapped around a ghost story. It was melodramatic, which I didn't mind. It took place in London, which I absolutely loved. And while I love a great ghost story, this was somehow lacking. Too much weirdness and unexplained relationships after so much focus throughout the novel left me pretty unsatisfied. Giving this one a 3.5, but with potential to have been a solid 5 star. It's disappointing. Haven't read her debut novel, and everyone loves it, so I'll get to that soon and see if it blows me away.

I guess the most disappointing part about this book is how close it came to being excellent. Was it dark? Sort of. Twisted? Almost. The ending really could have been horrifying, in a thought-provoking WE HAVE ALWAYS LIVED IN THE CASTLE type of way. But the ending felt forced. If Ms. Niffenegger had ended on the same strong note as she began this would probably be one of my favorite spooky books. As it stands, I just wonder why she wrapped it up Dean Koontz style, with no cohesion and no flow.