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The Price of Salt - Patricia Highsmith Such a strange feeling to trudge through a book that's a mere 257 pages and feel like I was with someone on such s long journey of self-discovery. To tell the truth, most of this book moved very slowly -- too slowly at times -- for me, but once Therese and Carol started their road trip I was much more interested. The story felt very truthful, and I could identify with the feelings of uncertainty and desire to please the people whom you love or want to love, even if this book was geared for a subculture in a different time. Highsmith says she was inspired to write this after her experience working at a holiday toy counter and interacting with a bewitching woman and I think she did an incredible of telling so much of each character and their development in so little pages. The book really had a fullness of character and insight into the ties that people form with others and how those ties reflect how they view themselves. I also enjoyed the coming of age aspect, and think it's rare to read an adult novel that describes a woman's journey so well. I wonder if people would really have been that offended had it been released in her name at the time it was published as it is told in such a universal way. But I think that's the point that some people miss. Love is love, wherever and with whomever you find it. Now I'm going to go and snuggle with my husband and be glad to have him. That is all.