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Our Tragic Universe - Scarlett Thomas I really want to rate this book higher. I liked the main character enough, I loved the interplay between all of the characters and the overall "realness" to the story. And I think I understand how Thomas was going for a "storyless story" here. But it took me literally THREE MONTHS to read this book. That's got to be some kind of record. There are several books I've started and then dropped, and that didn't happen here. I WANTED to read it and wanted to finish it. Lots of great insight to humanity and relationships in this book, but let's face it - it isn't WAR AND PEACE. The fact that I would paused reading it to read other things and then get back around to it isn't a sign of an enthralling read. I will read more of her books, if only to see if they all affect me in this way. Maybe it was just bad timing or not enough suspense to keep me up reading through the night. I didn't have the feeling like with other books where I postpone the reading to savor it longer. I just kept sliding it to the backburner. I would recommend this book to someone who enjoys metafiction or characters more than plot. I have high hopes for my next Thomas read. :)